”Ever since I can remember myself, I was always directing photo shoots or dressing people. My memories of my mother have really defined me. I remember her in the 60s, getting together with her impeccably dressed girlfriends for a game of Gin Rummy in the afternoons. I was positively haunted by twinsets, black pencil skirts and pearl necklaces. Their style burned a hole through my head. After 20 years in publishing, I became a fashion designer and it all came pouring out.”

Old School femininity is the term he serves so devoutly: romantic prints, voluptuous figures with slim waist, noble style and aristocratic allure characterize his nostalgic yet modern creations. His “bon chic” vision, quintessentially international, is sewn with deep politeness and graciousness –each piece honors the legacy of the eclectic glamour of the past. His silhouette flatters all types of modern women, whether exotic or austere.